Car Care Service: Auto Body Repair & Oil Change App Reviews

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Set location?

After setting my location three times, since there was obviously a glitch, the nearest place to get an oil change on the first page was five miles away! The next closest was nine. I live in the middle of an area where there has to be at least ten places within three miles. Many of them in less than one and a half. So for me...the yellow pages is a much better bet. Time to delete this app and use the space for something worthwhile. Disappointing.


This app said autozone was 3 mi away when it was 16 needs better location accuracy

Solid app

Very solid app. Works just fine & quick search results. Im sure more features will be added with time & demand. Everybody who drives should have this app. It saves the hassles of searching on yellow or google maps.


Good free app but it's needs more work. Like info on stores, map needs working (talking about directions) better looking logo, needs better look overall. I like this app. It's very helpful. Good app for it's first version. And it's FREE!!! Go get it you won't regret it. Can't wait for update.

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